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Estate Sales by YOU! – Relogistics

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Estate Sales by YOU!

Save money. Avoid mistakes.

“presenting a safe and intelligent alternative to hiring an estate liquidator”


So, you’ve got a house to empty and – for whatever reason – would like to do it yourself. Many people understand where you’re coming from. Maybe it’s for financial reasons. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable having strangers sift through your family history. Regardless of why you’d prefer not to entrust this monumental task to someone else, wouldn’t it be nice to…

– know the ins and outs of what to do and who to call just like the professionals?

– have the peace of mind that no valuables slip through the cracks and are sold for a fraction of their value?

– understand exactly how to host a successful tag sale?


With Relogistics DIY Estate Services you instantly gain years of experience in the art of disassembling a house.


Over the years, we have talked to hundreds of people dealing with life-altering changes. They struggled with debilitating uncertainty over how to cope with what’s left behind after a death, a divorce or simply choosing a smaller home.

Some opted for the “do-it-myself” route to save money or protect their family’s privacy. Regardless of why, there was every reason to respect their decision not to hire us. However, it was difficult for us to walk away from those situations knowing what they were facing without the help we could have given them.

It’s important to note that clearing a house is not just about holding a successful tag sale. Sure, you’re 80% done at that point. But in order to list the house (or hand it over to someone else) EVERYTHING needs to be gone.

So, the idea was born to offer a comprehensive guide to lead folks through some pretty confusing and exhausting times. We felt this kind of information would offer a sense of confidence and direction that was definitely needed.

You may be saying to yourself “There are dozens of how-to books out there I can buy for this! Why should I invest in your service?” Excellent question. Here comes the amazing answer: We price everything and advertise the sale. You heard right. The two most important components of a successful tag sale will still be in the hands of professionals. And there’s so much more for us to talk about.

Whatever the circumstances, this is not an easy road to travel. Closing down a household by yourself can be very, very hard on so many levels. Perhaps you’ve already invested months or even years trying to get this done. We can help you wrap this up, and we’d be honored do it.

Contact us by phone, text or email. We can talk about how clearing a house using Relogistics DIY Estate Services can be the best decision for you and your family.

Linda Armsey